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Welcome To Aromantly - Where Creativity Meets Tte Power Of Stones

Hi! I’m Esty 

I absolutely adore learning & working with crystals!

I’ve loving the crystals’ beauty so I began seriously exploring the history, spiritual meaning and Benefits facets of working with crystal as a healing tool.

I believe in using my passion for bringing stone jewelry to effectuate significant transformation in the lives of others and by the Mother Earth’s natural gifts.

Every crystal used at Aromantly has a unique story attached to it- the story of those who have achieved eminence with the help of that stone.

Our objective is to revive traditional handcrafting techniques to produce distinctive crystal pieces.

That is why we work hand in hand with trusted artists to provide you with original and pure crystal stones jewelry. at high quality, durable and timeless designs.

So, if you love learning & working with crystals as we do then please, stay, hang around and find out which stones are meant specifically for you! have a lot of FUN!

Crystal Cheers!